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Youth Effect

What would you give to shave 3 years of your life? The holy grail isn't expensive treatments or youth elixirs. Minor changes in diet and lifestyle will restore your youth to great effect.

Power Foods

Learn what foods to eat and the nutrients behin the anti aging effect.

Elixirs of Youth

Understand which drinks you should take to restore youthful vitality- and the supplements to pair with it.

Secret Tips

Learn the secrets of Eastern adherents of yoga and the esoteric to reverse your age.

Think Young. Be Young

No time to read our articles? Then just do this one simple regimen and shave 3 years of your life in just a month. Upon rising in the morning, take two glasses of water. Spend 10 minutes breathing deeply. Then take a 45 minute quick walk, ensuring that you reach 120 to 130 beats per minute. Come evening, drink a swig of red wine.

What can you expect after this no-brainer exercise? Quite a lot
  • In 3 weeks, most chronic illnesses will have disappeared
  • In 1 month, you'll have shaved 5 pounds
  • In 1.5 months, your skin will glow.
  • In 5 days, you'll have lost your cravings
  • In 60 days, your doctor will tell you that your physiological age in far younger than your chronological age


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